This book which I'm going to share with you here seemed to grab proper attention. It's almost like it’s on the right radar with not more and not fewer readers’ attention.

It’s “OUR DARK DUET” by V. E. Schwab.

Firstly the SYNOPSIS:

A girl Kate Harker survives with a different first name in a place called Prosperity, with just a bag that contains too few things to survive, a music player for she hates silence to the core, also hunts monsters regularly, and has no place to be called as home.

August Flynn, head of a troop that fights the…

As soon I realized I had a thing for writing. I began researching about the type of writings available and the one that’s in demand.

The results of the writings in demand are Technical writing, Content (web content), and copywriting.

Therefore, I further explored to evaluate my writing standards and ways to improve them.

After getting into paid and unpaid courses, following a couple of pro-writers, and practicing the tips myself. I listed out a few tips worth our time.

This article aims to help you reduce all that hassle of research I went through.

Let’s get started. I shall…

If you follow many TBR platforms or Bookstagamers online, you might have come across this book by now several times. This book was initially launched in September 2011. But, it seems to regain a huge hype in the market once again since mid-2020. It is none other than “The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.”

If you have read this book, you already know why it deserves all the attention it gets. If you did not, then read on to check the synopsis and my review over it.


The circus arrives and leaves without notice.

It opens at dusk and…

If you ask me, what is my age when I knew that there are multiple sign languages globally? My answer is Today.

Recently, I came across an advertisement informing me about American sign language classes. The word American in front of Sign Language triggered me to dig deep into the concept.

The general idea is, it is a language being used mainly by deaf people to communicate, using gestures. It has been around for as many years as verbal language did.

It’s widely assumed that only hands are used in this type of communication. The facts rule out this as…

A long time ago, when I visited a hospital as my father’s guardian, I met a 78 years old man.

He seemed quite fit and healthy for that age. The only medical history he stated was right knee replacement a decade ago. He also added the reason to return was to get the other leg fixed.

We met accidentally, as my parent also needs to undergo similar procedures before getting operated on.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hello,” I responded.

“Meeting the same doc?” he questioned.

“Yes, for my father,” I replied pointing towards my dad.

“Knee?” he asked.

“Hip”. I began…

During this lockdown, I wanted to try my hand at music. Because it’s risky to walk to an institute, I had begun to search for an instrument easy to self-train. In my hunt, I found a portable keyboard called Kalimba.

Kalimba has a wooden sound body,17 tines attached to it. Upon twanging the tines in a pattern, a musical sound is produced. Every key has an alphabet and number punched on it. These letters and numbers guide you to master the instrument.

It is also accessible in customized shapes, with tines varying from 6 to 17.

Kalimba is an adaptation…

The first thing that strikes our mind on hearing the word publication is editing a book, magazine, or article. It is the only idea that we have about the publishing industry. But it is a lot more than what meets the eye.

Let’s have a brief look into, which occupations are required to run the publications business?

Because being a writer in a Publication industry is the most obvious one, I shall add no details to it and move on to the next one.

Editor, just as the name states, their job is to edit, fix the errors, check the…

During the lockdown, many activities gained public attention, one among them is K-pop entertainment. K-pop is Korean Pop music that grabbed international attention for a couple of years now.

Along with K-pop, K-drama/movies achieved an equal share of attention as well.

I had been watching K-drama since 2013. Therefore, I assume I am eligible enough to suggest a couple of movies now.

K-dramas are well known for their gentle romance. Most of the genres that you pick will have a romantic element to them. I like movies sticking to their specific genre. …

In one life, wishing to do something is the easiest step because it hardly takes any effort. Landing the first step in the direction of their dreams needs enough thought and courage that’s worth a compliment. But the story doesn’t end here. Keeping up with ebbs and flows and staying persistent in that path is what makes all of it worthwhile.

If you always wanted to write, yet often missed deadlines, or messed with word count and persistence to keep going. I think you should begin with practicing it.

Being persistent is not a result of sheer willpower but a…

Since school, we have been hearing different ways of electricity generation, for instance by the usage of solar energy, water energy, nuclear energy, biogas, etc. But the latest one that I came across was electricity generation from oranges.

Growing waste has been the world’s major concern for a while now, for its utmost effect on our environment. Countries try to bring in new methods to either produce less or reuse the waste they make every year. But, this idea is a total surprise to me.

Seville, a city in Spain produces large quantities of oranges every year among which only…

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